On the Map Quiz 1

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1. What did British Honduras change its name to?

2. What is the name of the square in front of the palace of Westminster?

3. The Hindu Kush is an extension of which mountain range?

4. Which British City has railway stations called new street and international?

5. What is the state capital of New Hampshire?

6. The county town of Cornwall has a moor named after it, what is the name of the town?

7. Brisbane is the capital of which Australian State?

8. Guadeloupe is a territory of which country?

9. What is the largest English speaking city in the world in terms of population?

10. What is the longest river entirely within England?  

11. Which country consists of over 7000 islands, the largest of which are Luzon and Mindanao?

12. Which is the largest of the Caribbean islands?

13. Which European capital city was formerly known as Christiana?

14. In which modern country is the region of Transylvania?

15. Which island group does the Pentland Firth separate from the British mainland?

16. In terms of area, what became the largest country in the world after the break up of the USSR?

17. Which city do Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ dominate?

18. By what name are the Sandwich Island in the pacific know better known?

19. What is the world?s longest mountain range?

20. In which ocean is Mauritius?


1. Belize

2. Parliament Square

3. The Himalayas

4. Birmingham

5. Concord

6. Bodmin

7. Queensland

8. France

9. New York

10. The Thames  

11. The Philippines

12. Cuba

13. Oslo

14. Romania

15. The Orkney Isles

16. Russia

17. Rio De Janeiro

18. Hawaii

19. The Andes

20. The Indian


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