Spain and Portugal Quiz 1

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1. Which Spanish town is the scene of an annual bull run through the streets?

2. In 1755 Lisbon was victim to what kind of disaster?

3. Which dialect of Spanish is the official language?

4. Portuguese athlete Rosa Mota won which British annual sporting event in 1991?

5. Which city in northern Spain is the scene of an annual pilgrimage in honour of St James?

6. In which city are the famous Spanish Steps?

7. Dili is the capital of which former Portuguese colony in Indonesia?

8. Which famous British author wrote Homage to Catalonia, which was a memoir of the Spanish Civil war?

9. Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal is the centre of the production of which beverage?

10. Ketches of Spain is an album by which famous jazz trumpeter?


1. Pamplona

2. Earthquake

3. Castlian

4. London Marathon

5. Santiago de Compostela

6. Rome

7. East Timor

8. George Orwell

9. Port

10. Miles Davis


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