London Quiz 1

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1. Who famously said "The people of London with one voice would say to Hitler you do your worst and we will do our best"?

2. How are the Royal Botanic Gardens better known?

3. Who said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford"?

4. Which street named after a region of Northern Italy, is the centre of banking in the City of London?

5. Which famous building was once rudely nicknamed The Kensington Gas Works?

6. In which thoroughfare in SW3 have Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot), David Lloyd-George, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Bram Stoker, James Whistler, Hilaire Belloc and J.M.W.Turner all lived?

7. Which famous square once covered by fruit and vegetable markets, was designed by Inigo Jones

8. A memorial black marble stone set into the floor of Westminster Abbey, has the last line inscribed on it "A talent to amuse". To whom is the memorial dedicated?

9. Who born in London in 1779 and died in London in 1869 is the polymath, famous for his compilation of the "Thesaurus"?

10. What was the name of the 22 storey Canning Town tower block which partially collapsed in 1965?  

11. By what name is the New Palace of Westminster more commonly known?

12. On London Underground maps, which line is always coloured yellow?

13. Where would you find the whispering gallery?

14. The Pearly Kings and Queens are the most famous inhabitants of which part of London?

15. On which London street would you find the Prime Ministers official residence?

16. In which London square would you find 2 memorials to the great Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi?

17. For what is the shop Paxton and Whitfield renowned?

18. Name the nearest seaside resort to London?

19. Which London street is named after a fictional French ?migr? from Charles Dickens?s novel, A Tale Of Two Cities?

20. Name London?s largest meat market?


1. Sir Winston Churchill

2. Kew Gardens

3. Samuel Johnson

4. Lombard Street

5. Royal Albert Hall

6. Cheyne Walk

7. Covent Garden

8. Sir Noel Coward

9. Dr. Peter Mark Roget

10. Ronan Point  

11. The Houses Of Parliament

12. Circle Line

13. The dome of St Paul?s Cathedral

14. Lambeth

15. Downing Street

16. Tavistock Square

17. Cheese

18. Southend on Sea

19. Manette Street

20. Smithfield


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