South America Quiz 2

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1. In which country?s presidential elections was the writer Mario Vargas Liosa a losing candidate?

2. In which South American country did the bossa nova originate?

3. Which Colombian city is notorious for being the centre of the cocaine smuggling business?

4. Which South American country provides the setting for the climax of the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

5. In which country is the town of Fray Bentos?

6. Which South American city was shaped by architect Oscar Niemeyer?

7. Which South American city provides the setting for the 1982 film Missing, starring Jack Lemmon?

8. To which country do the Galapagos Islands belong?

9. For whom was Don?t Cry For Me, Argentina a number 1 record in 1977?

10. In which country was the liberator Simon Bolivar born?


1. Peru

2. Brazil

3. Medellin

4. Bolivia

5. Uruguay

6. Brasilia

7. Santiago de Chile

8. Ecuador

9. Julie Covington

10. Venezuela


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