Rivers Quiz 3

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1. Which French River is famed for its chateaux in its valley?

2. In which river are the 1000 islands?

3. What is the longest river in Australia?

4. 2 rivers meet at Khartoum to make the Nile what are they?

5. On which river does Vienna stand?

6. What name is given to a flat stretch of land within a river valley, which is the remnant of an earlier flood plain, when the river was at a higher level?

7. The Rio Grande forms part of the boundary between the US and which country?

8. In which river was Jesus Baptised?

9. Name the river that rises on the Tibetan Plateau of western China and has flooded more often and killed more people than any other?

10. Which river has the largest delta?


1. Loire

2. St Lawrence

3. Murray River

4. White & Blue Niles

5. Danube

6. River Terrace

7. Mexico

8. Jordan

9. Yellow River

10. Ganges


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