Africa Quiz 1

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1. In which country did King Hassan II ascend the throne in 1961?

2. Which Britsh general was killed at Khartoum in 1885?

3. On the border of which two countries is the Victoria Falls?

4. What is the name shared by the currency units of Algeria and Tunisia?

5. Which actor won an Academy Award for his performance in The African Queen?

6. From which European country did Angola achieve independence in 1975?

7. Who wrote the novel Cry, the Beloved Country about South Africa?

8. Which religion regards Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia as the Messiah?

9. What is the name of the volcanic valley that runs from the Sinai peninsula to Central Mozambique?

10. Which explorer was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope?

11. What is Africa's highest mountain?

12. Which European language is an official language of Angola?

13. In which African country is El Alamein, scene of a World War II battle?

14. Which country is the main economic power in West Africa?

15. Which language is Afrikaans derived from?

16. The Kalahari Desert lies chiefly in which country?

17. In which country are the political parties ANC and Inkatha?

18. Which country is the home of the Ashanti?

19. Which country occupies the Horn of Africa?

20. What is the administrative capital of South Africa?


1. Morocco

2. Gordon

3. Zambia and Zimbabwe

4. Dinar

5. Humphrey Bogart

6. Portugal

7. Alan Paton

8. Rastafarianism

9. Great Rift Valley

10. Batolomeu Diaz

11. Kilimanjaro

12. Portuguese

13. Libya

14. Nigeria

15. Dutch

16. Botswana

17. South Africa

18. Ghana

19. Somalia

20. Pretoria


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