Greece Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions are all based on the country of Greece - Thanks to Despina for these questions and answers, great job!

1. Which sea separates Greece from Turkey and contains the island of Crete?

2. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?

3. In which Olympic sport do contestants compete under a code called Greco-Roman?

4. On which Greek island was Prince Philip born?

5. Which former Greek prime minister, who was involve in an embezzlement scandal in 1989, died two years ago?

6. Who are the Greek God and Goddess of love?

7. Which period of ancient Greek civilisation, covers the years between the first Olympic Games in 776 BC and the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC?

8. In which vice are the Greeks 'world champions' in terms of percentages of population indulging in it? Is it: 
    a) Smoking, 
    b) Drinking,
    c) Gambling 
    d) Eating Kebabs

9. What is the National Airline of Greece?

10. What is the nationality of Anthony Quinn who played Zorba the Greek in a famous 1964 movie?


1. Aegean

2. Gamma

3. Wrestling

4. Corfu

5. Andreas Papandreou

6. Eros and Aphrodite

7. Hellenic

8. a) Smoking

9. Olympus

10. Mexican


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