Pauls Germany Quiz 1

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1. What does pumpernickerl bread mean translated:
    a. hardworking boy/lad  
    b. fart boy/lad or
    c. lazy boy/lad?

2. In World War II, Freiburg im Breisgau was the first German city in which civilian targets were bombed. Which country's airforce was responsible:
    a. RAF  
    b. USAF or
    c. Luftwaffe?

3. In which music video would you see an unkindness of German Kuntz's ?

4. Which two very famous Germans wrote the largest German dictionary:
    a. Marx and Engels  
    b. brothers Grimm or
    c. Marx Brothers?

5. Which two Oscar-winning films did German censors cut to pieces?  (won the oscar in 1943 and 1965)

6. Which German food was once part of a sailors diet in the Royal Navy ?

7. Germans are often the bad guys in film. In which film is the character Hans Gruber very nasty?

8. Which two German footballers have won player of the year in England?

9. Give the stage name for:
    a. Doris Von Kappelhof and 
    b. Henry John Deutschendorf

10. The following words are from which song: 
    "for six long days and weary nights, they tried to find her trail, Churchill told the people put ev'ry ship a-sail"?


1. b. Fart boy

2. c. Luftwaffe

3. "Football's Coming Home" - Baddiel and Skinner, post EURO '96 version

4. b. Brothers Grimm

5. Two Answers
    Casablanca and
    The sound of music.

6. Sauerkraut

7. Die Hard 1 ("Stirb Langsam 1" = "Die Slowly 1" when translated)

8. Two Answers:
    Bert Trautmann and 
    J?rgen Klinsmann

9. Two Answers:
    a. Doris Day  
    b. John Denver

10. Sink the Bismark


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