Canada Quiz 1

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1. What are the two best known aspects of a Canadian Mountie's uniform?

2. Which 18th century French king's foreign policy led to French possessions in Canada?

3. What did Canadian and Soviet skiers attempt in 1988?

4. In 1993, Kim Campbell was the first Canadian woman to become what?

5. At 195,875 square miles, what is the largest island in the Canadian Arctic?

6. In 1991, Richard Branson crossed the Pacific Ocean in a hot-air balloon from the southern tip of Japan to North West Canada. How long did it take? Was it 
    a. 36 hours, 
    b. 46 hours or 
    c. 56 hours?

7. Which Canadian actor played lead roles in the forties films 'How Green Was My Valley' and 'Mrs Miniver'?

8. Which famous London theatre was bought by Ed Mirvish, a Canadian entrepreneur, and was refurbished in 1985?

9. During 1917 which allied offensive, including Canadian troops, was launched in an attempt to capture ports on the Belgian coast held by Germans?

10. Which French speaking province of East Canada is also a communications code word?


1. Red Jacket & Broad rimmed hat

2. Louis XV

3. Cross from USSR to Canada via North Pole

4. Prime Minister

5. Baffin Island

6. b. 46 hours

7. Walter Pidgeon

8. Old Vic

9. Battle of Ypres

10. Quebec


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