Geography Quiz 8

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Geography Quiz1. What do the French call the English Channel?

2. In which city is England?s oldest cathedral?

3. Mount Godwin-Austen is better known as what?

4. What is strange about the Isles of Ely and Dogs?

5. In which Island group is the resort of Fuerteventura?

6. In which country is Auschwitz?

7. In which French city is Interpol?s HQ?

8. Which river divides the USA & Mexico?

9. Which Baltic state has Tallinn as it?s capital?

10. What currency is used in Pakistan?

11. Lake Titicaca is on the border of 2 South American countries name either?

12. Which island of the Inner Hebrides houses Fingals cave?

13. In which western US state is the Sequoia National Park?

14. Paphos is an ancient city on which Mediterranean island?

15. In which ocean is the island republic of Nauru?

16. In which English county is the holiday resort of Minehead?

17. Split is a seaport on which European Sea?

18. In which county of Northern England is the market town of Shap?

19. On which British island is the seaport of Ramsey?

20. In which European Country is the region of Transylvania?


1. La Manche

2. Canterbury

3. K2

4. Not Islands

5. Canaries

6. Poland

7. Lyon

8. Rio Grande

9. Estonia

10. Rupee

11. Peru / Bolivia

12. Staffa

13. California

14. Cyprus

15. Pacific

16. Somerset

17. Adriatic

18. Cumbria

19. Isle of Man

20. Romania


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