Alpine Countries Quiz 1

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1. Which controversial Austrian statesman served as UN secretary general for most of the 1970s?

2. Which major political figure in 1917 made a historic journey from Zurich to St Petersburg?

3. On which London Underground line is Swiss Cottage station?

4. By what name is Swiss Architect Charles Jeanneret in 1887 better known?

5. Which Austrian skier was world downhill champion 4 times in the late 1970s?

6. What is the capital of Liechtenstein?

7. Which physicist born in Salzburg in 1803, gave his name to an effect characteristic of sound and light?

8. Which Austrian racing driver was badly burned at the Nurburgring in 1976?

9. Which Swiss psychologist developed the notion of the collective unconscious?

10. What is the capital of Switzerland?


1. Kurt Waldhiem

2. Lenin

3. The Jubilee Line

4. Le Corbusier

5. Franz Klammer

6. Vaduz

7. Doppler

8. Nikki Lauder

9. Carl Jung

10. Berne


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