Place Names Quiz 1

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1. This desert?s name means ?desert? in Arabic?

2. African capital named after a US President?

3. Map maker Martin Waldseem?ller was the first person to use this Italian explorer?s name as a place name?

4. Small European principality that got its name from its ruling family?

5. It?s name means ?Little Venice??

6. In Latin, it means ?New Scotland??

7. This ancient place name comes from the Greek for ?between the rivers??

8. This name comes from the Roman name, ?Isles of Dogs??

9. It was named in honor of James, brother to Charles II of England?

10. Its name comes form the Latin phrase for ?unknown southern land??


1. Sahara

2. Monrovia

3. Amerigo Vespucci [America]

4. Liechtenstein

5. Venezuela

6. Nova Scotia

7. Mesopotamia

8. Canary Islands

9. New York

10. Australia


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