Small Nations Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Martin (no surname submitted) from the UK. Thanks Martin

1. What is the island nation at the southern tip of Malaya?

2. Which two small states are surrounded by Italy?

3. Which small nation lies between Switzerland and Austria?

4. Name two small landlocked nations that border France?

5. Bridgetown is the capital of which Caribbean island?

6. Which island off the east coast of Africa was once independent?

7. Which small nation does the Grimaldi family own?

8. Name the two small Pacific island states that competed in the Rugby World Cup of 1995

9. What is the island state other than Hong Kong that lies just off the southern coast of China?

10. Which island is divided between people of Turkish and Greek origin?  


1. Singapore

2. San Marino and the Vatican City State

3. Liechtenstein

4. Andorra and Luxembourg

5. Barbados

6. Zanzibar

7. Monaco

8. Tonga and Western Samoa

9. Macao

10. Cyprus


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