London Transport Quiz 1

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1. What is the most popular model name given of the traditional red open-backed Double Decker buses?

2. From which London railway station do you catch the Heathrow express?

3. What is unique in this country about the public road that leads up to the Savoy Hotel?

4. Which London Railway station is traditionally marked as the centre of London, or that which all distances to London are traditionally measured?

5. For what is Harry Beck best remembered?

6. What is the nickname given to the exam London taxi drivers have to pass?

7. How many terminals are there at Heathrow airport?

8. Which London thoroughfare takes its name from the French game that was traditionally played there by the aristocracy?

9. Which of these isn't a London tube station (Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Knightsbridge, Sloane square)

10. Kings Cross and Liverpool St were 2 of the 4 main line terminals on the LNER rail system, what was the fourth?  


1. Routemaster

2. Paddington

3. Drive on the right hand side of the road

4. Charing Cross

5. Designing the London Underground Map

6. The knowledge

7. 5

8. Pall Mall (Pell Mell)

9. Trafalgar square

10. Fenchurch St and Marylebone (Source of the Monopoly stations)


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