Wales Quiz 2

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Wales Quiz1. What is the Welsh name for Wales?

2. In which year was Prince Charles invested as The Prince of Wales?

3. What colour are Princess of Wales roses?

4. Who starred as the Outlaw Josey Wales in 1976?

5. Which sea is to the north of Wales?

6. What nationally important institution would you find at Llantrisant in Wales?

7. Two sets of brothers have played football for Wales in the same team. Name one pair of brothers.

8. Who was responsible for the adoption of the leek as the national emblem of Wales?

9. Which is Wales? second largest city?

10. Which island lies off the north west coast of Wales?

11. What is the name of the annual celebration of the arts in Wales?

12. What is the name of the straits between South East Ireland and South West Wales?

13. A statue of Lewis Carroll's white rabbit stands on the promontory of which north Wales resort?

14. Which Welsh mountain is the only mountain in the world to have a national park named after it?

15. In which decade was rugby player Gareth Edwards first capped for Wales?

16. Which king had been prince of Wales for 60 years before his coronation?

17. Which Welsh market town is known as ?the town of books??


Wales Quiz1. Cymru

2. 1969

3. White

4. Clint Eastwood

5. Irish Sea

6. The Royal Mint

7. John & Mel Charles, Len & Ivor Allchurch (thanks to Duncan Rimmer for correcting a previous spelling mistake)

8. St. David

9. Swansea

10. Anglessey

11. Eisteddfod

12. St George's Channel

13. Llandudno

14. Mount Snowdon

15. 1960s

16. Edward VII

17. Hay-On-Wye


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