Geography Quiz 21

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Geography Quiz1. Which country in the EC has the highest population?

2. In which English county is the Forest of Dean?

3. By what name was the republic of South Yemen known prior to 1967?

4. By what name is the Boulder Dam on the Colorado River now known?

5. Which countries Capital City lies on the River Aar?

6. Which was Britain?s first national park?

7. In which south American country is the Atacama Desert?

8. Which city is dominated by Sugar loaf mountain?

9. Which Australian state borders all other mainland states?

10. In terms of area, which is the world?s largest landlocked country? (Zaire, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Egypt or Paraguay)  


1. Germany

2. Gloucestershire

3. Aden

4. Hoover dam

5. Switzerland (Berne)

6. peak district

7. Chile

8. Rio de Janeiro

9. South Australia

10. Kazakhstan (Thanks to Jon Gilbert for correcting that one - Mongolia is the world's second-largest landlocked country after Kazakhstan)


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