Geography Quiz 20

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Geography Quiz1. In which country is the Albert canal?

2. In which country is the Great Sandy Desert?

3. In which city is the Prado art gallery?

4. Where would you find the whispering gallery?

5. What is the more common name for the collegiate church of St Peter in London?

6. By what name is the Thames known as it passes through oxford?

7. What is the capital of Madeira?

8. On the bank of which river does the Portuguese capital of Lisbon stand?

9. What is the capital of Pakistan?

10. Which is the only us state named after an English county?

11. Which tiny country does Belgium, France and Germany border?

12. Hanoi is the capital of which country?

13. By what name is the gold coast now known?

14. Which artistic Italian city was almost destroyed by flood in 1966?

15. On which island is nationalist china?

16. In which country is the bay of pigs?

17. In which city would you find phoenix park?

18. The Adriatic and Aegean are arms of which sea?

19. Which American city was once called New Amsterdam?

20. Where in Australia did Capt. Cook land?  


1. Belgium

2. Australia

3. Madrid

4. St Paul?s Cathedral

5. Westminster Abbey

6. The Isis

7. Funchal

8. The Tagus

9. Islamabad

10. New Hampshire

11. Luxembourg

12. Vietnam

13. Ghana

14. Florence

15. Taiwan

16. Cuba

17. Dublin

18. Mediterranean

19. New York

20. Botany bay


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