California Quiz 1

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1. What Ocean does California look on?

2. In which US town can Disneyland be found?

3. Of which major city is Beverly Hills a district?

4. What is the name of the major highway that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles?

5. What can be found at Manns Chinese Cinema?

6. Of which town in California was Clint Eastwood once a mayor?

7. What?s the name of the resort in Southern California that is recognised as the American Golf capital?

8. What is the name of San Francisco?s famous wharf area?

9. Which 2 American states neighbour California on its eastern side

10. What is the state capital of California?  


1. Pacific

2. Anaheim

3. Los Angeles

4. Route 66

5. Hands & Feet Impressions of the stars

6. Carmel

7. Palm Springs

8. Fisherman?s

9. Nevada and Arizona

10. Sacramento


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