Seas and Islands Quiz 1

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1. To which European country does the island of Madeira belong?

2. Mount Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe, stands on which island?

3. In which ocean is the area known as Polynesia?

4. The island of Taiwan is off the coast of which country?

5. Which island was discovered by Captain Cook in December 1777?

6. Name the island in Paris on which Notre Dame stands?

7. To which group of islands does Corfu belong?

8. Which island did Turkish troops invade in 1974?

9. How did the Dead Sea get its name?

10. On which island is Noel Coward buried?  


1. Portugal

2. Sicily

3. Pacific

4. China

5. Christmas Island

6. Ile de la Cite

7. Ionian islands

8. Cyprus

9. The salt content is so high no vegetation can live there

10. Jamaica


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