Yorkshire Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Doreen from the UK. Many thanks Doreen, great job.

1. Who was the famous sculptor son of a Yorkshire miner.

2. What would you do with a Sally Lunn

3. Which British prime minster was born in Linthwaite

4. Who had a catch phrase how?s about that then

5. Which coastal town was once famous for its pottery

6. On which day of he year does pace egg play take place

7. In what year was Yorkshire split into four parts

8. Who owns Pontefract castle.

9. Who was the 1st woman to fly single handed from Britain to Australia

10. What did Benjamin Waugh of settle found

11. Who wrote the book a very miner m.p.

12. Before prince Andrew who was the last duke of York

13. Harry rams den opened the fish shop in Guisley in what year

14. Where will you find the piece hall

15. Who wrote the books based on the experiences of a Yorkshire vet

16. What event is held i the crucible in Sheffield

17. What did Percy Shaw of Halifax invent

18. Which band had a hit with a Cornish floral dance

19. What is the largest animal to be found in Yorkshire

20. Who captained Yorkshire cricket team from 1971 to 1976

21. Bessie blainworts is north Yorkshire dialects for which flower

22. Semi precious stone found around Whitby

23. Yorkshire race course with a stright mile

24. Which poet laureate wrote the liquorice fields of Pontefract

25. Which famous song was written by a Halifax church choir

26. Where was brideshead revisited filmed

27. Name 2 nationally known Yorkshire bears

28. What was the first Denby dale pie made to celebrate

29. What was the name of the Bronte sisters brother

30. Famous single span bridge

31. Whose well lies between Barnsdall bar and Skellow

32. Where is the highest pub in Yorkshire

33. Yorkshire actress made a dame in 1988

34. Which Yorkshire chemist was the first made liquorice confectionary

35. Prime minister who came from Morley  


1. Henry Moore

2. Eat It

3. Harald Wilson

4. Jimmy Saville

5. Hornsea

6. Easter Sunday

7. 1974

8. H.R.H

9. Amy Johnson

10. N.S.P.P.C

11. Geoff Lofthouse

12. George The 6th

13. 1928

14. Halifax

15. James Herritt

16. Snooker

17. Cats Eyes

18. Brighouse And Rastrick

19. Red Deer

20. Geoff Boycott

21. The Daisy

22. Jet

23. Doncaster

24. John Betjaman

25. Ilkley Moor Bar Tat

26. Castle Howard

27. Pudsy, Sooty

28. King Georges Return To Sanity

29. Branwell

30. Humber

31. Robin Hoods

32. Tan Hill

33. Judi Dench

34. George Dunhill

35. Herbert Henry Asquith


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