Geography Quiz 22

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The following quiz round was submitted by The Judge from the UK. Many thanks your honour, great job!

1. The Victoria Falls waterfall lies on the boundary of which two African countries?

2. Which desert is found in South East Mongolia and Northern China?

3. Into which sea does the Nile flow?

4. Which two London boroughs begin with the letter E?

5. Which is bigger? Europe or Antarctica?

6. In which two European cities are the Nobel prizes presented?

7. What is the largest land-locked country in Africa?

8. Which American state comes first alphabetically?

9. What is the longest river in the world?

10. In which continent do most tornadoes occur?


1. Zimbabwe and Zambia

2. Gobi

3. The Mediterranean

4. Ealing and Enfield

5. Antarctica

6. Oslo and Stockholm

7. Chad

8. Alabama

9. Nile

10. North America


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