Geography Quiz 23

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1. Lanzarote is part of which island group?

2. Which British city has an underground railway system which is nicknamed "The Clockwork Orange"?

3. In which Irish city is Shannon airport?

4. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

5. To the nearest thousand square kilometres what is the land area of Wales?

6. In which country is the Simpson Desert?

7. What is the highest mountain in the Alps?

8. How many white stripes are there on the flag of the USA?

9. In what mountain range is Mount Everest?

10. In which city is Tianamen Square where over 1,000 demonstraters were killed in 1989?  

11. Do the stripes of the Austrian flag go horizontally or vertically?

12. Which stretch of water is Europe?s most northern Boundary?

13. In which city is the European court of justice?

14. Which republic can you find between Hungary and Poland?

15. Which city can you find the headquarters of Interpol?

16. Gozo and Komino are Islands North West of which country?

17. Which has the largest area in terms of Land Mass Iceland or Ireland?


1. The Canaries

2. Glasgow

3. Shannon, County Clare (2km from Shannon) 

4. Sicily

5. 21,000 square kilometers

6. Australia

7. Mont Blanc

8. Six

9. The Himalayas

10. Beijing

11. Horizontally

12. Arctic Sea

13. Luxembourg

14. Czech Republic

15. Lyon

16. Malta

17. Iceland


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