Japan Quiz 1

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1) Which is the largest of the Japanese Volcano islands in the western Pacific Ocean with an area of 8 square miles?

2) What is the name of the Japanese wine which is made from fermented rice?

3) What is kakiemon, a product made in Japan?

4) It translates into ?Divine Wind?, it is always associated with Japan what is it?

5) Which Japanese City hosted the winter Olympics in 1972?

6) What is the name of the industrial city on Honshu island associated with the manufacture of motorbikes?

7) With what is the Japanese art of Bonsai concerned?

8) What in Japan is Hari Kiri?

9) What is the national sport of Japan?

10) On which Japanese island is the port of Naha?  


1) Iwo Jima

2) Saki

3) A type of Porcelain

4) Kamikaze

5) Sapporo

6) Kawasaki

7) Growing Miniature trees

8) Ritual suicide

9) Sumo wrestlers

10) Okinawa  


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