China Quiz 1

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1. What was found in the Zhoukoudian cave?

2. What is the fear of China or Chinese called?

3. Cha dao is the art of what?

4. What are the four most populated cities in China?

5. Which well known 3 letter word means 'shady place' or 'north slope'?

6. What is the missing word in each of the following film titles?
  a. The Candidate.
  b. 55 Days in.
  c. Surprise.

7. Who sang the following songs?
  a. China in your eyes.
  b. Little China girl.
  c. China in your hand.
  d. Shanghai'd in Shanghai.
  e. Hong Kong Garden.

8. In film, who was the famous father of 'number one son'?

9. With 1,795 km, the longest man made canal in the world is found in China. What do we call it?

10. English speaking newspapers have given Chinese astronauts what name?

11. What are the ornamental Chinese therapeutic hand balls called?

12. Translate Feng-shui.

13. Pu Yi was better known as what?

14. Which big treat is called Ju wu ba in China?

15. Which British general had the nickname 'Chinese'?

16. Which breed of Chinese dog is a character in the film MIB?

17. Which British Prime Minister brought Ming Ming the panda from China?

18. What is China Clay otherwise known as (second letter is an 'A')?

19. In which British garden is the famous Chinese pagoda designed in 1761 by William Chambers?

20. What was the name of an ancient road, linking China with the West running through Afghanistan and the Middle East, used by Marco Polo to travel to China?

21. Which was the first British pop group to tour China?

22. What is the Chinese / Mandarin for the phrase 9 dragons?

23. In which country did the willow pattern on china originate?

24. Which bird is trained by the Chinese to catch fish?

25. How many days did the famous Long March of the Chinese Communists (1934-1935) last?

26. Which actor starred in the films The China Syndrome, Disclosure and Falling Down?

27. In which Chinese City can you see the Terracotta Army?


1. Peking Man.

2. Sinophobia.

3. Making tea.

4. Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

5. Yin.

6. Three Answers:
  a. Mancurian.
  b. Peking.
  c. Shanghai.

7. Five Answers.
  a. Modern Talking.
  b. David Bowie.
  c. T'Pau.
  d. Nazareth.
  e. Siouxsie and the Banshees.

8. Charlie Chan.

9. Grand Canal.

10. Taikonauts.

11. Baoding.

12. Wind and water.

13. The last emperor.

14. A Big Mac.

15. Gordon.

16. A Pug. 'Frank the pug'.

17. Edward Heath.

18. Kaolin.

19. Kew Gardens.

20. Silk Road.

21. Wham.

22. Kowloon.

23. Britain.

24. The cormorant.

25. 368 days.

26. Michael Douglas.

27. Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.


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