Geography Quiz 24

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1. Which is Europe's largest country after Russia?

2. Which U.S City is the home of the Mowton Record Company?

3. Which European city was called Christiania from 1624-1924?

4. In which country is the world's highest waterfall?

5. Robert Mugabe was the first Prime Minister of which independent African country?

6. This river passes through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Blugaria and Ukraine before arriving at the Black Sea. Name the river.

7. Which country was split into two zones by the 'Yalta Agreement'?

8. The Antarctic excluded, what is the world's largest desert?

9. In which country would you find Tabasco?

10. Which country will host the next Olympic Games?

11. Iceland excluded, which European capital city is furthest West?

12. Which South American country's name is literally 'Land of Silver'?

13. In which ocean are the Seychelles?

14. How many countries border Switzerland?

15. How many states are there in Australia?

16. Which country is the largest landlocked country in the world? Is it Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kazakstan or Bolivia?

17. Chicago borders which of the five Great Lakes?

18. Which River flows through Dundee?

19. What African country was formerly known as Northern Rhodesia?

20. How many South American Countries does the equator pass through (2, 3, 4 or 5)?  


1. Ukraine

2. Detroit

3. Oslo

4. Venezuela

5. Zimbabwe

6. Danube

7. Germany

8. The Sahara

9. Mexico

10. G.B.  

11. Lisbon

12. Argentina

13. Indian

14. Five (Austria, Germany, Italy, France & Liechtenstein)

15. Six

16. Kazakstan

17. Michigan

18. Tay

19. Zambia

20. Three (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador)


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