Around Britain Quiz 1

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1. In which seaside resort is there a Nelson's Column?

2. In which English county is most of the Forest of Dean?

3. The Old Bailey stands on the site of which former prison?

4. What are the canals in Cambridge called?

5. Which English county with a sea border has the shortest coastline?

6. What is Scotland's longest river?

7. On which Scottish Island is Fingal's Cave?

8. The Orkney's are separated from mainland Britain by which body of water?

9. Which was Britain's first National Park?

10. Which English Football League club's ground is farthest away from any other?  


1. Great Yarmouth

2. Gloucestershire

3. Newgate

4. The Backs

5. Durham

6. River Tay

7. Staffa

8. Pentland Firth

9. Peak District

10. Carlisle


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