Ireland Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by John Hayes from Ireland, Many thanks John, great job!

1. Who is the current (October 2009) reigning Miss Ireland who will represent Ireland later this year in the Miss World competition?

2. Who represented Ireland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow?

3. Which town was the overall winner of the 2009 National Tidy Towns competition?

4. Name the author of the books 'Damburst of Dreams' and 'Under the Eye of the Clock' who died on February 20, 2009 aged 44?

5. On which Fijian island was Cork hurler Sean Og O hAlpin born on May 22, 1977?

6. Which Irish actress, probably best remembered for playing Mrs Cadogan in 'The Irish R.M.' and more recently, Ursula Cruise in the RTE soap 'Fair City', died on March 8, 2009 aged 84?

7. Who is the current (October 2009) reigning Rose of Tralee?

8. Which newspaper was first published in Ireland on March 29, 1859?

9. Which weekly magazine, one of Ireland's bestselling magazines, was first published on April 26, 1963?

10. Who wrote the songs "Make Me An Island" (1969) and "You're Such a Good Looking Woman" (1970) which were huge hits for the late Joe Dolan? 

11. In Northern Ireland, who succeed Hugh Orde as Chief Constable of the PSNI?

12. What was Status Quo's only UK number one hit single?

13. What is the name of the New Zealand long range weather forecaster who correctly predicted Ireland?s poor summer and good September?

14. Who wrote the best-selling books ?Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?, ?Girl Who Played With Fire? and ?Girl Who Kicked the Hornet?s Nest??

15. Who wrote the best-selling books ?Twilight?, ?New Moon?, ?Eclipse? and ?Breaking Dawn??

16. Which TD in the current Dail uses a wheelchair?

17. Which Irish-born actor plays King Henry VIII in the TV series ?The Tudors??

18. At which weight division does Katie Taylor box?

19. Who is the editor (October 2009) of the ?Irish Independent' newspaper?

20. Who is the current (October 2009) British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland?


1. Laura Patterson

2. Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy (with 'Et Cetera')

3. Emly, Co. Tipperary

4. Christopher Nolan

5. Rotuma

6. Anna Manahan

7. Charmaine Kenny

8. The Irish Times

9. Woman's Way

10. Albert ('It Never Rains in Southern California') Hammond & Mike Hazelwood

11. Matt Baggott

12. Down Down

13. Ken Ring

14. Stieg Larsson

15. Stephenie Meyer

16. Sean Connick (FF TD for Wexford)

17. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

18. Lightweight (up to 60 kg)

19. Gerard O'Regan

20. Shaun Woodward


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