Australia Quiz 2

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

1. Which famous surfing beach is to the south of Brisbane?

2. Which fossilised remains of an ancient forest are found in the Nambung

3. Which granite formation, formed by the wind, is to the east of Perth?

4. Which is the nearest major town to the southwest of Ayers Rock?

5. Which meandering river is Brisbane built around?

6. Which mountain range runs parallel to the east coast for 4000 kilometres?

7. Which mountain range to the west of Sydney was partly destroyed by bush fires in December 1993?

8. Which mountain, at 1611 metres, is the highest in Queensland?

9. Which national park, known for its Aboriginal rock paintings and wildlife, lies to the east of Darwin?

10. Which range of domed mountains lies in Purnululu National Park?

11. Which sacred rock is the world's largest monolith?

12. Which state capital lies on the Swan River?

13. Which state is commonly called the Sunshine State?

14. Which two oceans are to the east and west of Australia?

15. Which 'village in the rainforest' at the highest end of the Barron Gorge is the home to the only permanent Aboriginal theatre in Australia?


1. Surfers' Paradise

2. The Pinnacles

3. Wave Rock

4. Alice Springs

5. Brisbane river

6. Great Dividing Range

7. The Blue Mountains

8. Mount Bartle Frere

9. Kakadu National Park

10. The Bungle Bungle Range

11. Ayers Rock

12. Perth

13. Queensland

14. Pacific and Indian

15. Kuranda, Queensland


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