This Sceptred Isle Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Gurr from the UK. Alan is the host of a regular quiz night at Didcot Labour Club

Many thanks Alan, a good round.

1. How many counties are there on the south coast of England

2. What is Englands most easterly town

3. Which of these towns is the furthest north; Liverpool, Manchester, or Leeds

4. Which London market re-located to the Isle of Dogs, in 1982

5. The Ritz Hotel, in London, overlooks which Park; Green Park, Hyde Park, or Regents Park

6. Who is the only King of England to be buried in Canterbury Cathedral

7. If the most common name for a street in Britain is High Street, what is the secondmost common name for a street

8. In which English city is John Wesley's Chapel, the worlds first Methodist Chapel, where he used to preach

9. Of which city is Saint Frideswide the patron saint?

10. Scenes from which 007 film were shot at Stoke Poges golf club, in Buckinghamshire

11. What is so unusual about a city that Wincanton is twinned with

12. Who are the only four successive kings of England to have had the same name

13. Who was the youngest member of Englands World Cup winning team of 1966

14. Auckland Castle is the official home of whom

15. Which road had the postcode L43 6TZ

16. Which road runs from Hounslow to Lands End

17. In order to calculate distances from London, what is generally regarded as the capitals central point

18. In which English city is Parliament Street, the worlds second narrowest 'road', at just 122 centimetres wide

19. As they stand, which is higher; the top of the London Eye, or the top of the Wembley Stadium Arch?

20. Which town lies at the confluence of the rivers Avon and Severn 


1. Seven (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent)

2. Lowestoft

3. Leeds

4. Billingsgate Fish Market

5. Green Park

6. Henry IV

7. Station Road

8. Bristol

9. Oxford

10. Goldfinger

11. It's fictional--Terry Pratchetts Ankh-Morpork

12. George I,II,III,IV

13. Alan Ball (aged 21)

14. The Bishop of Durham

15. Brookside Close

16. The A30

17. Charing Cross

18. Exeter ( the Spreurhofstrasse, in Reutlingen, Germany is 50 cm wide)

19. London Eye 135m, Wembley Arch 133m

20. Tewkesbury 


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