Ireland Quiz 4

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  1. What is Dublin's most famous theatre called?
  2. How would you be travelling if you arrived at Shannon from abroad?
  3. Which two of the counties of Northern Ireland begin with A?
  4. Which three places in Northern Ireland may officially use the title 'city'?
  5. Which Ocean is to the west of Ireland?
  6. In which city is the Maze Prison?
  7. What is the capital city of Northern Ireland?
  8. What is St Ann's Shaldon Church famous for?
  9. Which stone is kissed to receive the gift of smooth talking?
  10. Which county's Irish name is Corcaigh?
  11. Which Irish town sounds like something in a wine bottle neck?
  12. Which type of glass is Waterford famous for?
  13. What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?
  14. Is Belfast on the east or the west of the province?
  15. What is another name for the Republic of Ireland?
  16. What sort of jewelled Isle is Ireland often called?
  17. What is the county town of Fermanagh?
  18. What do the towns of Dun Laoghaire and Rosslare have in common?
  19. Which Irish flute player James shares his name with a Bay ?
  20. Which Causeway is said to have been built as a bridge from Ireland to Scotland?
  21. What is the name of the fertile vale in Limerick?
  22. Which colour is associated with Ireland?
  23. Which stout is Dublin world-famous for?
  24. What are drumlins?
  25. Which sport is the Curragh famous for?
  26. What are Ireland's two official languages?
  27. Which Sea is to the east of the Island of Ireland?
  28. What are the international registration letters for Ireland?
  29. Which three counties of the Republic of Ireland begin with K?
  30. Which county shares its name with a fictional TV doctor?


  1. Abbey Theatre
  2. Air
  3. Antrim, Armagh
  4. Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry (see comment no, 1)
  5. Atlantic
  6. Belfast
  7. Belfast
  8. Bells
  9. Blarney Stone
  10. Cork
  11. Cork
  12. Crystal
  13. Dublin
  14. East
  15. Eire
  16. Emerald Isle
  17. Enniskillen
  18. Ferry ports
  19. Galway
  20. Giant's Causeway
  21. Golden Vale
  22. Green
  23. Guinness
  24. Hills
  25. Horse racing
  26. Irish and English
  27. Irish Sea
  28. IRL
  29. Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny
  30. Kildare


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