Pauls Places Quiz 3

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1. Formerly the "British protectorate of Bechuanaland", which republic adopted its new name after becoming independent within the Commonwealth on the 30th September 1966?

2. Which European country has the most lakes? (Russia excluded)

3. Based on the total amount of tourists, what were the five most visited countries in the world in 2009? One point for each correct answer.

4. Before the break-up of the former Soviet Union only two countries bordered the Caspian Sea. Now there are five. Can you name them? One point for each correct answer.

5. The Komodo National Park is famous for its Komodo Dragons. In which country is this park found?

6. In which city is each of the following landmarks found? One point for each correct answer: 
    a. Doge's Palace, 
    b. Sugarloaf Mountain, 
    c. Taj Mahal, 
    d. Atomium, 
    e. Hagia Sophia, 
    f. St. Basil's Cathedral, 
    g. Alhambra

7. With the exception of a small incomplete section known as the Darien Gap, which road that extends more than 15,000 miles is the longest in the world? (According to Guinness)

8. Rapa Nui is the native word for which 'holiday' island?

9. Which country with a land mass of 9.6 million square kilometres has just one time zone?

10. Name the three seas that surround North and South Korea. One point for each correct answer.



1. Botswana (The republic of Botswana, to give it it's full name)

2. Finland

3. In order: France, USA, Spain, China and Italy. (Source: World Tourism Organization)

4. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia

5. Indonesia

6. Seven answers: 
    a. Venice, 
    b. Rio de Janeiro, 
    c. Agra, 
    d. Brussels, 
    e. Istanbul, 
    f. Moscow, 
    g. Granada

7. The Pan American Highway

8. Easter Island

9. China

10. Yellow Sea, East China Sea and The Sea of Japan (sometimes called the 'East Sea')



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