Pauls Places Quiz 2

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1. According to UNICEF, which African country has the most land mines in the world? 
    a. Angola 
    b. Egypt 
    c. Chad 
    d. Somalia

2. The Althing, the world's oldest surviving parliament, is found in which country?

3. The Danube river runs through which four European capitals?

4. Plus or minus 1, how many time zones are there in China?

5. What is the largest lake in the world with an animal in its name?

6. What name has been given to the so called road that once connected ancient China and Rome?

7. Which tiny island country did Columbus discover on a Sunday?

8. According to the UN, what will be the six most populated countries in the world in the year 2050? One point for each correct answer.

9. The name of which river or band translated means 'hated'?

10. The UN has a list of countries with the most land mines. Which European country is in the top ten?

11. There are 20 regions in Italy. Which region is the 'toe' of Italy?

12. 'Up the river' is an American expression for going to prison. Which prison on the Hudson river gave rise to this expression?

13. What are the five republics of the former Soviet Union that end with 'stan'? One point for each correct answer.  


1. b. Egypt (estimated total of 23,000,000)

2. Iceland

3. Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade

4. One

5. Great Bear Lake (Canada)

6. The Silk Road

7. Dominica (from the Italian for Sunday)

8. India (1.6 billion), China (1.4 billion), USA (420 million), Nigeria (299 million), Pakistan (295 million) and Indonesia (288 million)

9. Styx

10. Bosnia Herzegovina

11. Calabria

12. Sing Sing

13. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  


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