London Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was kindly submitted by Charlie Morris from the UK. Charlie runs the Wednesday Night Quiz at Seven Dials Social Club, Covent Garden, London.  Many thanks Charlie.

1. Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements. What does the great bell of Bow say?

2. What was the name of Reggie and Ronnie Kray's older brother?

3. What football club is the oldest in London?

4. What famous address is located at postcode SW1A 2AA?

5. Bow Street Runners formed in London in the 1750's are known to us today as what?

6. What Ulster town that dropped London from its royal charter name?

7. Which airport has the luggage code LCY?

8. George Michael infamously crashed his Range Rover into the Hampstead branch of what high street shop?

9. The Linbury Studio Theatre is found in what larger building?

10. Name the river that flows directly outside the 2012 Olympic Stadium?

11. Canary Wharf is in what London borough?

12. Name the famous Jazz club located at 47 Frith Street, Soho?

13. Name the largest of London's subterranean rivers?

14. Name the Tube station located at the southernmost tip of Islington, at the northern boundary of the City of London and the eastern boundary of Camden?

15. Name the Home Counties bordering London?

16. Recently released as a film, what is currently playing at the New London Theatre?

17. What does Paul McCartney wear on his feet on the cover of Abbey Rd?

18. What annual event/parade will be held In London on July 7 this year?

19. A London football ground and also name of a battle in September 1066?

20. What was the name of Dirty Den's poodle?


1. I do not know

2. Charlie

3. Fulham

4. 10 Downing Street

5. Police

6. Derry

7. London City

8. Snappy Snaps

9. Royal Opera House

10. Lea

11. Tower Hamlets

12. Ronnie Scott's

13. Fleet

14. Farringdon

15. Essex, Herts,Surrey,Bucks ,Kent, Berks

16. War Horse

17. Nothing/barefoot

18. Gay Pride

19. Stamford Bridge

20. Roly


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