Pauls Places Quiz 4

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1. Which famous island, named after an animal, is the only place in Africa where feral rabbits are found?

2. The blue and white flag known as 'The Saltire' is the national flag of which country?

3. Name the two US states named after King Charles I?

4. Named after a popular spice, what is the coastal area around Liberia called?

5. In which country is the southern most point of mainland Europe? a. Spain b. Italy c. Greece d. Portugal

6. Which three colours are found on the Hungarian flag?

7. Originally built to house judo competitions, what is the name of the famous indoor arena in Tokyo where countless bands and musicians have recorded 'Live' albums?

8. What kind of stallions perform the classical dressage at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna?

9. Name the three countries in the world that are landlocked (surrounded) by a single country. One point for each correct answer.

10. Lake Vostok is the largest lake on which continent?

11. Which two languages that end with the letter 'i' are in the top six list of most spoken languages in the world? (based on the number of native speakers)


1. Robben Island

2. Scotland

3. North and South Carolina (Latin 'Carolus')

4. The Pepper Coast

5. Answer a. Spain (Punta de Tarifa)

6. Red, white and green.

7. Budokan

8. Lipizzan

9. Vatican City, San Marino and Lesotho

10. Antarctic

11. Hindi and Bengali

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