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History1. To Which Shipping Line Did the Titanic Belong?

2. Who Was Jailed for Life, Then Acquitted, in the Dingo Baby Trial?

3. In Which Country, Until 1922, was the Ruler Referred to As Sultan of the Ottoman Empire?

4. Thomas Selfridge Was the First Fatality in A Plane Crash. Who Was the Pilot?

5. Which Famous Explorer Was Born IN Marton?

6. Albert Einstein Won Which Nobel Prize in 1955?

7. Which Roman Gladiator and Rebel Led A Revolt Against the Roman Empire Between 73 and 71bc?

8. What Colour Was Winston Churchill's Hair?

9. Who came first King Edward VIII or George VI?

10. What sport did British TV channel ITV stop covering in 1988?

11. Which Survival Device for People Travelling in Aircraft Was First Successfully Used in 1912?

12. Who Was Prime Minister At the Outbreak of the First World War?

13. Name the Quaker Family Who Founded A Chocolate Factory in York?

14. Which Former Coin Was Worth A Quarter of An Old Penny?

15. In 1959 the Postmaster General Banned Which D H Lawrence Book?

16. Which Parisian Landmark Was Built to Mark the World Exhibition Taking Place in the City?

17. What Name Was Given to A Pilot Who Flew Suicide Missions in World War II?

18. In 1975 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Was Assassinated By Which Male Member of His Family?

19. How did Captain Keith Brown, late of the Royal Hussars make sporting history in April 1993

20. Australia built fences across outback areas to contain what agricultural pest?  


1. White Star Line

2. Lindy Chamberlain

3. Turkey

4. Orville Wright

5. Captain Cook

6. Physics

7. Spartacus

8. Red

9. Edward VIII

10. Wrestling

11. Parachute

12. Herbert Asquith

13. Rowntree

14. Farthing

15. Lady Chatterley?s Lover

16. Eiffel Tower

17. Kamikaze

18. Nephew

19. Starter of the Grand National that was never run

20. Rabbits  


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