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History1. By what nickname was Sir Henry Percy, son of the Earl of Northumberland, who was killed at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, generally known?

2. Where was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake in 1431?

3. For what is Wynkyn de Worde (died about 1535) famous?

4. In which year did William Shakespeare die?

5. Who was appointed commander-in-chief of the Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War in 1645?

6. The composer Ludwig van Beethoven and the poet William Wordsworth were both born in the same year. Which year was it?

7. What position did King George I of Great Britain hold before he became king?

8. In which year did George I become king of Great Britain?

9. How old was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he died in 1791?

10. What was the name of the ship that rescued most of the survivors from the sinking of the 'Titanic'?  

11. Who noted the day before he was killed in 1968: ?I?m not worried about anything. I?m not fearing any man??

12. What body part was most frequently covered with lard and roasted as a torture during the Spanish Inquisition?

13. Which legendary organization did King Louis Philippe of France found?

14. Who needed 33 months to become the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world?

15. What deranged Roman emperor had a name that meant little boot?

16. What country did Egypt?s King Farouk I declare war on in 1945?

17. What captain did Fletcher Christian lead a mutiny against near Tahiti in 1789?

18. What U.S. President committed an unpardonable sin by kissing the Queen Mother on the lips?

19. Who was dubbed ?Lenin?s left leg? during the early stages of Russia?s Marxist movement?  

20. Which British monarch died in 1901?

21. What was the name of the bodyguard who survived the crash that killed Princess Diana?

22. Who were the two British prime ministers of 1970?

23. Which US President is the only one to have been divorced?

24. Charles Lucas was the first seaman to win what award?

25. What make of car did Lenin and Stalin have one of that Brezhnev had three of?

26. On what date in 1883 did France officially present the Statue of Liberty to the US?

27. Who did the Queen find in her bedroom on 9th July 1982?

28. How many astronauts were in the shuttle when it was destroyed in 1986?

29. Which treaty ended WW1 in 1919?

30. Which historical constituency of England had no voters?


1. (Harry) Hotspur.

2. (In the market square at) Rouen.

3. He was one of the earliest printers who worked in England.

4. 1616

5. Sir Thomas Fairfax.

6. 1770.

7. Elector of Hanover.

8. 1714

9. 35

10. The 'Carpathia'.  

11. Martin Luther King

12. The foot

13. The French Foreign Legion

14. Sir Francis Drake

15. Caligula

16. Germany

17. William Bligh

18. Jimmy Carter

19. Joseph Stalin

20. Victoria

21. Trevor Rhys Jones

22. Harold Wilson and Edward Heath

23. Ronald Reagan

24. The Victoria Cross

25. Rolls Royce

26. 4th July

27. Michael Fagan

28. Seven

29. Versailles

30. Old Sarum


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