Victorian Life And Times Quiz 1

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1. Name the Scottish Gillie Queen Victoria Is Rumoured To Have Had An Affair With?

2. Which Prime Minister Made Victoria Empress Of India?

3. The Victoria Cross Is Generally Made From Guns From Which War?

4. Which Was The First Book Written By Charles Dickens That Brought Him Fame?

5. Who Was The British Prime Minister At The Time Of The Battle Of Sebastopol?

6. Which City Was The Capital Of The Ottoman Empire?

7. Which 19th Century Poet Had A Club Foot?

8. Which Prince Of Saxe Coburg Gotha Married Queen Victoria?

9. To Within 1 How Many Children Did Victoria Have?

10. Where Would You Find Osbourne House?


1. John Brown

2. Disraeli

3. The Crimea

4. The Pickwick Papers

5. Palmerston

6. Istanbul Or Constantinople

7. Byron

8. Albert

9. 9

10. Isle Of Wight


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