1990s Quiz 2

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1. Which UK newspaper celebrated its 150th anniversary on October 1st 1993?

2. What character played by Peter Baldwin made his last appearance in Coronation Street in April 1997?

3. In October 1994, a testimonial football match between Brazil and a rest of the world team celebrated the 50th birthday of who?

4. Which former cabinet minister sparked a terrorist alert in January 1994 when he parked on double yellow lines outside the commons?

5. In 1990 what did Tim Berners-Lee invent while working at the Cern European nuclear research organisation?

6. Whose beret and cracked glasses sold for ?1232 at auction in November 1992?

7. Which river in Iraq which, when proved a major turning point in the gulf war?

8. Name the English golfer who scored a hole in one during the 1995 Ryder cup?

9. The last flying example of which aeroplane crashed near the M11 in October 1997?

10. Name Windsor castles famous banqueting suite which was gutted by fire in November 1992?  

11. Which British bank collapsed in February 1995 after a trader in Singapore gambled ?17 billion on high risk markets?

12. What year was Mike Tyson jailed for rape?

13. Sharing its name with a woman, which scheme was introduced in Britain in 1991 to encourage longer term savings by making tax-free on deposits of up to ?9000 over 5 years?

14. The National Lottery is funding Sport, The Arts, Charities and National heritage. Which is the 5th group to benefit?

15. What did the abbreviation CEGB mean until 1990?

16. Who was released from prison on 11th February 1990?

17. Who became BBC director general in 1993?

18. What did Leningrad become known as in 1991?

19. Which cult were responsible for the nerve gas attack on the Tokyo underground system in March 1995?

20. In which year did Princess Diana die?


1. News of the World

2. Derek Wilton

3. Pele

4. Michael Mates

5. The World Wide Web

6. Benny Hill

7. Euphrates

8. Howard Clark

9. Messerschimdt (109)

10. St Georges Hall

11. Barings bank

12. 1992


14. The Millennium Fund

15. Central Electricity Generating Board

16. Nelson Mandella

17. John Birt

18. St Petersberg

19. Supreme Truth or Aum Shinrikyo

20. 1997


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