Chinese History and Culture Quiz 1

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The following quiz was submitted by Mai Yun Long from China. Very interesting questions, thank you very much! Great work!

1. Which Chinese city, capital of 13 different dynasties, is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization?

2. In 1937 the capital of China was moved from which city to which city?

3. Which Chinese directors directed the following movies
    a: Not one less (Yi ge dou bun eng shao)
    b: Yellow Earth (Huang Tu Di)
    c: Happy Together (Chun Guang Zha Xie)

4. Tang Seng is a character in which famous Chinese classic?

5. How are the following fast food items better known in English?
    a: Mai le ji kuanr
    b: Ju wu ba

6. Events in the Jia family are the subject of which famous Chinese novel?

7. Brad Pitt was banned from entering China because of his role in which film?

8. Which American writer who could speak Chinese before she learned English won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938 for her great work set in China: ?The Good Earth??

9. The following literal translations from Chinese represent which countries?
    a: West Class Tooth
    b: Grape Tooth
    c: Also door

10. Who is the only Chinese man to be twice voted Time magazine?s Person of the Year?


1. Luoyang

2. Nanjing To Chongqing

3. 3 Answers: 
    a: Zhang Yimou 
    b: Chen Kaige 
    c: Wang Kar Wai (Wang Jiawei)

4. Journey To The West

5. 2 Answers: 
    a: Chicken McNuggets 
    b: Big Mac

6. Hong Lou Meng (Dream Of Red Mansions)

7. Seven Years in Tibet

8. Pearl Buck

9. 3 Answers: 
    a: (Xibanya) Spain 
    b: (Putaoya) Portugal 
    c: Yemen

10. Deng Xiaoping  


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