Statesmen and Tyrants Quiz 1

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1. Who was the Iron Chancellor who united Germany?

2. Which Roman emperor sentenced St Peter to crucifixion?

3. Name the German mayor of West Berlin who became internationally known during the Berlin Wall crisis?

4. Who deposed Milton Obote and expelled the Asian community from his country?

5. Norman Manley was Prime Minister of Jamaica from 1959 to 1962, his son became PM in 1972, name him?

6. As dictator of Haiti he was known as Papa Doc, what was his name?

7. Who was Secretary General of the UN from 1962 to 1971?

8. Who was the leader of the Nationalist Congress party of India who was imprisoned by the British nine times?

9. How did Heinrich Himmler meet his death?

10. What was British prime Minister Gladstone?s middle name?  


1. Bismarck

2. Nero

3. Willy Brandt

4. Idi Amin

5. Michael Manley

6. Francois Duvalier

7. U Thant

8. Jawaharla Nehru

9. Suicide

10. Ewart


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