Coups and Revolutions Quiz 1

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1. In which country was Milton Obote overthrown by Idi Amin in 1971?

2. Which country revolted against its communist government and soviet alliance in October 1956, resulting in occupation by Soviet tanks?

3. Which British king was dethroned by the Glorious revolution?

4. In which African Country was their a military coup on the 6th April 1985 while President Nimeiri was out of the country?

5. Where in Beijing did pro democracy students stage an unsuccessful protest in 1989?

6. The Pitcairn islands are the islands where 9 mutineers settled in 1790. On which ship did they mutiny?

7. Salvador Allende was killed during a coup by the army in which South American country in 1973?

8. In which country was Nicolae Ceausescu executed after an army uprising in 1990?

9. In which country was revolutionary Che Guevara born?

10. In which country were 2 brits sentenced recently to long prison sentences for conducting a pro democracy campaign?  


1. Uganda

2. Hungary

3. James II

4. Sudan

5. Tiananmen Square

6. Bounty

7. Chile

8. Romania

9. Argentina

10. Burma (Myanmar)


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