Pauls History Quiz 5

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1. All of the following belonged to which tragic hero? 
    Ron, Goosewhite, Pridwen and Llamrei

2. Which two German cities suffered the most casualties due to aerial bombardment in World War Two?

3. What were serfs or slaves called in ancient Sparta?

4. In order, which three wars were responsible for the most battle deaths amongst American soldiers?

5. Which 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner decided to send his wife to Oslo to accept the prize because he feared he would not be readmitted to his homeland?

6. From a list of historical Empires at their greatest extent, the British Empire was by far the largest, covering an area of 33.7 million sq km back in 1923. What other historical empires feature in the top five? (One point for each)

7. Which English city would have been the new capital if Adolf Hitler's invasion plans had been successful?

8. Rosa Maltoni, a school teacher, married blacksmith and revolutionary socialist activist Alessandro. Who was their famous son?

9. What was Belize called until 1973?

10. What were the names of the five D-Day beaches?


1. King Arthur (Ron was his lance, Goosewhite was his helmut, Pridwen was his shield and Llamrei was his horse)

2. Dresden and Hamburg

3. Helots

4. World War II (292,131), Civil War (214,939), World War I (53,513) Source: U.S. Dept. of Defence

5. Lech Walesa

6. The top five largest empires at their greatest extent: 
    1. British Empire - 33.7 million sq km (1923), 
    2. Mongol Empire - 24.0 million sq km (1270 or 1309), 
    3. Russian Empire - 23.7 million sq km (1866), 
    4. Spanish Empire - 20.0 million sq km (ca. 1740-1790), 
    5. Qing Empire, China - 14.7 million sq km (1790). 
    (The Roman empire made it to number 15 with 6.5 million sq km and the Portuguese Empire a respectable 10th place with 10.4 million sq km)

7. Oxford

8. Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini

9. British Honduras

10. Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword


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