Pauls History Quiz 4

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1. Which British fashion designer does one associate with the invention of the mini skirt and hot pants?

2. Which famous phrase stems from the doomed troops on board the sinking ship HMS Birkenhead?

3. Billy Bishop, Roland Garros, Mick Mannock and Eddie Rickenbacker are all examples of what?

4. Hornburg, Badger Pass, Marathon, Ragnorak and Bulge are all examples of what?

5. In which year did the RMS Queen Mary retire from trans Atlantic service? Plus or minus 1 year.

6. In which year were the first daily weather forecasts published in The Times newspaper? 
    a. 1760 b. 1800 c. 1860 d. 1900

7. Tsar Nicholas II, Brian Eno, Tom Sawyer, Lenin, John Quincy Adams, Marc Chagall and Huckleberry Finn have all lived where at one time or another?

8. Which million selling model with plenty of 'horsepower' was Matchbox's first sales success in the 1953?

9. Who was involved with the Australian surfer Blaine after splitting up with Ken Carson?

10. What name was given to the hundreds of thousands of people who helped clean up and contain the Chernobyl nuclear disaster?  


1. Mary Quant

2. "Women and children first"

3. World War One flying aces

4. Famous battles. (real and fictional)

5. 1967

6. c. 1860

7. In St. Petersburg (Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn lived in the fictional St Petersburg)

8. Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Coach

9. Barbie

10. Liquidators 


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