Pauls History Quiz 3

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1. The Triumph TR 6, Aston Martin DB6, Ferrari Dino and the early 1970s Ford Mustang all had which kind of tail or back?

2. What was the name of the 1783 treaty that formally ended the American Revolutionary War?

3. What was the capital city of Portugal between the years 1808 and 1821?

4. The United States of America has formally declared war on five different occasions against ten countries. Can you name the first three countries? One point for each correct answer.  

5. The Canadian Captain Arthur 'Roy' Brown is credited with bringing which man down?

6. The amphibious and airborne German plan to invade Britain in 1940 was known as Operation what? 

7. The OSS was the predecessor of which organisation?

8. The three worst maritime disasters in history all occurred in 1945. In which sea did all three ships go down?

9. Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not set foot on the moon?

10. According to legend, which man rode horses named Llamrei, Hengroen and Passelande?  


1. Kamm (Kamm tail, K-tail or Kammback)

2. The Treaty of Paris

3. Rio de Janeiro

4. Great Britain (1812), Mexico (1846) and Spain (1898)

5. The Red Baron

6. Operation Sea Lion

7. The CIA (OSS: Office of Strategic Services)

8. The Baltic Sea (Wilhelm Gustloff 30.1.1945 circa 10,000 dead, Cap Arcona 3.5.1945 circa 8,000 dead, Goya 16.4.1945 circa 7,000 dead)

9. Michael Collins

10. King Arthur  


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