Trouble Spots Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was kindly donated by Martin Fuller from the UK. Thanks Martin

1. Where did the mujahideen resist Soviet attack?

2. Where in North Africa did a war for independence take place between 1954 and 1962?

3. In which Bay was there a failed attempt by exiled Cubans to invade Cuba?

4. In 1996, where in London was an IRA bomb planted to end a ceasefire?

5. Who ousted Ferdinand Marcos as president of the Philippines?

6. Where did Greeks and Turks clash in major unrest in 1964?

7. Where in Uganda was a hijacked Air France plane stormed in 1976?

8. Whom did Vietnam gain independence from in 1954?

9. Who was the Argentinian president during the Falklands conflict?

10. Which Argentinian cruiser was sunk outside an exclusion zone during the Falklands War?

11. In which war was Operation Desert Storm?

12. Where did Russian troops crush an anti-Soviet uprising in 1956?

13. Who fought against Iran in the 1980-88 conflict?

14. Which English World War II veteran was a Beirut kidnap victim?

15. Which country was the scene of the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s?


1. Afghanistan

2. Algeria

3. Bay of Pigs

4. Canary Wharf

5. Corazon Aquino

6. Cyprus

7. Entebbe airport

8. France

9. Galtieri

10. General Belgrano

11. Gulf War (first)

12. Hungary

13. Iraq

14. Jackie Mann

15. Kenya

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