Trouble Spots Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was kindly donated by Martin Fuller from the UK. Thanks Martin

1. Which war was fought along the 38th parallel?

2. Which two public figures were assassinated in the United States in 1968?

3. Who was president of Egypt during the Suez Crisis in 1956?

4. Where did the Sandinistas overthrow the government in 1979?

5. Biafra was a breakaway state from which African country?

6. In the Middle East conflict what does PLO stand for?

7. Which city's 'Spring' was ended by a Soviet invasion in 1968?

8. Who fled his 'Peacock Throne' into exile in 1979?

9. How long did the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 last?

10. In which country did Steve Biko die in detention ?

11. In which Peking square were pro-democracy demos violently suppressed?

12. In which country did the My Lai massacre take place?

13. Which country disintegrated following the outbreak of civil war in 1992?

14. Where did ZANU and ZAPU fight for independence?


1. Korean War

2. Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy

3. Nasser

4. Nicaragua

5. Nigeria

6. Palestine Liberation Organisation

7. Prague's

8. Shah of Iran

9. Six Days

10. South Africa

11. Tiananmen

12. Vietnam

13. Yugoslavia

14. Zimbabwe

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