Conquerors and Explorers Quiz 1

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1) In which year did Julius Caesar first visit Britain?

2) Who led the second expedition to reach the North Pole and the first to reach the South pole?

3) Who said ?Dr Livingstone I Presume??

4) Where was napoleon I exiled after his defeat at Waterloo?

5) Which leader of the Huns was known as the ?Scourge of God??

6) Who first sailed around the Cape of Good Hope?

7) What phrase was used to describe the German empire under Hitler?

8) What is the Spanish word for ?Conqueror??

9) What new name did Francis Drake give his ship the Pelican during his circumnavigation of the World?

10) Which Venetian explorer served the emperor Kublai Khan?  


1) 55BC

2) Roald Amundsen

3) Henry Stanley

4) St Helena

5) Atilla

6) Vasco De Gamma

7) Third Reich

8) Conquistador

9) Golden Hind

10) Marco polo  


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