History Quiz 23

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1. Who instigated the Third Servile War in 73BC?

2. The treaty of Adrianople was signed in 1829, It ended the war between Russia and which country?

3. Who is the only US president to have never been elected?

4. Harold Bluetooth was king of which country in 960AD?

5. Which former Tory Prime Minister died in 1995?

6. Which future Prime Minister was President of the Board of Trade from 1921-1922?

7. Who was elected US President in 1960?

8. Which Spanish Prime Minister was murdered by ETA in 1973?

9. The Clayton Bulwer Treaty signed in 1850 concerned the construction of what?

10. At which battle did Horatio Nelson die?  

11. Who was the second wife of Henry 8th?

12. In which decade did British aviator Amy Johnson die?

13. What was the surname of Papa Doc and Baby Doc, both dictators of Haiti?

14. Guy Fawkes enlisted in the army of which European country in 1593?

15. Which political party did former Prime Minister David Lloyd George represent?

16. Which two counties fought the war of the roses?

17. In which decade was Adolf Hitler born?

18. What was the Christian name of Mr Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel Tower?

19. What was the name of the amendment that banned alcohol in the USA in the early 20th Century?

20. Who did Elizabeth 1st succeed as queen of England?


1. Spartacus

2. Turkey

3. Gerald Ford

4. Denmark

5. Sir Alec Douglas Hume

6. Stanley Baldwin

7. John F Kennedy

8. Carrero Blanco

9. Panama Canal

10. Trafalgar  

11. Anne Boleyn

12. 1940s

13. Duvalier

14. Spain

15. Liberals

16. Yorkshire and Lancashire

17. 1880s

18. Alexandre Gustave

19. Prohibition

20. Queen Mary


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