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1. In which year was the first Afro-American elected to the US Congress? a: 1870, b: 1906, c: 1928 or d: 1960

2. Which English town did the Romans call Eboracum?

3. To make financial gain with little or no effort or by trickery is often referred to as "money for old rope". From which act does this everyday phrase originate?

4. Ernest Shackleton's ship was crushed in the Antarctic Ice, What was it's name?

5. Who was the Argentinian ruler at the start of the Falklands War?

6. In which war was the battle of Marston Moor?

7. Which Food of the Gods is said to bestow immortality?

8. Who led the slaves revolt in 73 BC?

9. What famous American building was burnt by British Troops in 1812?

10. Which Queen was called Gloriana?

11. Which country was the prize for the victor after the battle on the Plains of Abraham in 1759?

12. Which company owned most of what is now called Canada in the early colonial days?

13. The name for which type of car stems from the word for long coats worn by French shepards once upon a time?

14. What did Winston Churchill teach his parrot to say?

15. Name the battle in Ireland at which William of Orange defeated James II.

16. Scraping the barrel a little regarding the history theme, but, Which actor sang 'We Are Ready' at the end of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

17. What was the first discipline/event of the Beijing Olympics 2008?

18. Who traditionally wears the Fisherman's Ring?

19. Who in 800 AD was crowned by Pope Leo III in Rome as the first Holy Roman emperor?

20. In which decade did the city of Constantinople become Istanbul?

21. Which one of Henry VIII's wives did he refer to as 'The Flanders Mare' lasting only 184 days before he divorced her?

22. Which liberal MP once called Margaret Thatcher 'Attila the Hen'?

23. In which year did the space shuttle Challenger explode killing all seven on board?

24. The eruption of which Indonesian volcano caused 36000 deaths in 1883?

25. Where did methyl isocyanate cause 2600 deaths in 1984?

26. In which London thoroughfare did the Great Fire of London begin?  


1. a: 1870.

2. York.

3. Public Hanging - where parts of the executioner's rope were sold as souveniers.

4. Endurance.

5. General Galtieri.

6. English Civil War.

7. Ambrosia.

8. Spartacus.

9. The White House.

10. Elizabeth I (the first).

11. Canada The British under the command of Wolfe defeated the French in Quebec.

12. The Hudson Bay Company.

13. Limousin(e).

14. F*&% the Nazis.

15. The Battle Of Boyne.

16. Jackie Chan.

17. Football - it got going before the opening ceremony.

18. The Pope.

19. Charlemagne.

20. 1930s.

21. Anne of Cleves.

22. Clement Freud.

23. 1986.

24. Krakatoa.

25. Bhopal.

26. Pudding lane.


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