History Quiz 25

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1. Which US President was shot five days after the end of the American Civil War?

2. What is the name of the British political regime of 1649-60 established by Cromwell?

3. Which country was ruled by the Romanov dynasty from 1613 to 1917?

4. What was the last battle of the Wars of the Roses, fought in 1485?

5. Who were the Celtic-speaking peoples living in France & Belgium during Roman Times?

6. Which wife of Henry VIII had already married twice before she became queen, and married for a fourth time after Henry?s death?

7. Who succeeded Hindenburg as Germany?s head of state?

8. Which country?s liberalization efforts were halted by the invasion Russia in 1968?

9. In which battle did Harold II, the last Saxon king, lose his life?

10. Which Axis Power changed sides during WW II, declaring war on Germany in 1943?  

11. Which famous battle is depicted in the 'Bayeux Tapestry'?

12. How many to the nearest hundred rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade?

13. What controversial structure went up in 1961 and came down in 1990?

14. Following the 'Mutiny, which island did Fletcher Christian and his cohorts colonise?

15. How many English Kings were called Edward?

16. Who was the only ruler of Britain never to have been Queen or King?

17. Which notorious gang were involved in the famous gunfight against the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday at the O.K Corral?

18. Who were the parents of Queen Elizabeth I?

19. Which London landmark marks the starting point for the Great Fire of London?

20. Which pair of renowned body snatchers stole bodies for Dr. Knox?


1. Abraham Lincoln

2. The Commonwealth

3. Russia

4. Battle Of Bosworth Field

5. Gauls

6. Catherine Parr

7. Adolf Hitler

8. Czechoslovakia

9. Battle Of Hastings

10. Italy

11. Battle of Hastings - 1066.

12. 700. (673 to be precise).

13. The Berlin Wall.

14. Pitcairn.

15. Eleven. (Everybody forgets Edward the Confessor).

16 Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell (and son Richard who was the last Lord Protector between 3 Sept 1658 and 25 May 1659)

17. The Clantons.

18. Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

19. The Monument.

20. Burke & Hare.  


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